Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Eye Sore

My beloved dog Aspen managed to scratch his cornea and what started out as a minor scratch developed into an ulcer. We traveled back and forth to the vet for a good week and a half trying various ointments and creams but nothing seemed to work and his eye was increasingly bothering him. We ended up going with the last resort option which was surgery.

Dogs have a third eyelid that slides up over the surface of the eye for protection. The third eyelid can sweep across the transparent cornea of the eye and clean it like a windshield wiper so Aspen had his third eyelid pulled over his cornea and stitched to his upperlid (for 2 weeks)creating a constant cover over the damaged eye.

The poor guy had a heck of time adjusting to being able to see out of only one eye and to make it worse he had to wear one of those cones for the 2 full weeks so he did not scratch his eye, pull his stiches out and further damage his eye. He was bumping into everything and frequently got stuck in akward places because of the mamoth Elizabethan collar around his neck.

He had stiches taken out earlier this week and the good news is that the ulcer is gone and the scratch has healed. The bad news is that his third eyelid is still partially covering his eye because it is still inflamed from the trauma. We are not sure how long it will take to fully retract but he seems to be doing much better and is still the most handsome dog in the world if you ask me!


The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Oh that made my eye's water. Poor Aspen. :( Glad to hear he's better though.