Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

It seems like every year my poor husband gets neglected on his birthday. Yesterday was his birthday and we celebrated in typical fashion-chaos! It was a very busy day for all of us and the Hubs got shortchanged once again.

I had an event at the General Assembly and was up late preparing the night before. I went to bed around 1 am. Got up before 6 am. Had my event from 9 am-2 pm; had to rush home for a webinar from 3-4:30 pm; threw in a load of laundry because we were out of clean towels; called our home warranty company to file a claim for our house in Kansas; ran to the grocery store at 4:30 pm to pick up items that the Hubs needed for work; went to the vet at 5:00 pm to pick up the kitties from their surgery ( they were de-clawed) and to have Aspen's eye re-checked (he scratched his cornea); had to run back to the grocery store because the vet failed to inform me that I needed special litter for the kitties until their paws heal prior to picking them up; sped to childcare to pick up the kids by 6 pm (I made it in the nick of time); got home and unloaded the dog, kitties, kids and groceries; captured kitties who managed to escape outdoors while I was unloading groceries; scarfed down fast food that the Hubs picked up on his way home (so much for a birthday dinner); helped Sprout with his homework while the Hubs bathed Sprite; helped Sprout fill out his Valentines; sent out a few urgent e-mails; folded clothes; put kids to bed; collapsed on the couch!!!!

I'm so sorry that you did not get the time or attention that you deserve honey! He is such a good sport though; he never once complained and even stayed up with me the night before folding brochures and collating papers and offered me his drink (the last alcoholic beverage) when he saw me to go the fridge for one last night during the chaos.

We are having his birthday dinner tonight with his favorite cake (Dump cake) and going on a date tomorrow! Hopefully, that makes up for yesterday!

Happy Birthday Babe-I Love You!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !


The Newson Family said...

Happy Birthday Toby!!

Anonymous said...

I am tired just from reading this!!! OH and Happy Birthday to the hubs of course.
Kim B

The Smith Boys said...

Dude! You should change your name from Lisa to Superwoman! That is quite a list. I think I have a busy day when I have to teach Jazzercise and get groceries in the same day. What do you eat for breakfast?