Monday, February 16, 2009

The New Wrinkle Eraser

The other day I was helping Sprout with this homework when he suddenly looked at me and brought his pencil eraser to my forehead. "What are you doing, I asked?" He said, "You have a line on your head and I'm trying to get it off." I thought I had a pen mark on my forehead or something but when it wouldn't come off and he attempted to erase another one between my eyes, I realized he was trying to erase my wrinkles!!! I think he might be able to save me a fortune in Botox if we can figure out a way to make this work!


Amy said...

Tell that boy to get his eraser ready because Aunt Amy is coming to visit and needs some wrinkle eraser treatment too!

Anonymous said...

That is to funny!! Kids will say anything:)Love ya Shannon