Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Enough with the BUGS already!!!

Did I mention that we found this creepy crawler in the house?

And you guys didn't believe me when I told you that every bug known to man has decided to land here in our back yard or living room for that matter. Toto, we are definately not in Kansas anymore. Can someone knock me on the head so I can go back to OZ where the bugs are not the size of munchkins? I mean seriously, this is ridiculous!!

After millipedes mate, the female eats some soil and poops it out. I guess "he" is a she. What is it with mating bugs around here?!! Austin asked if he could keep it but after seeing the size of her poop (it has bigger poops than Birch and Birch is a rabbitt) I decided that was not happening. Besides, she pooped in my 'Famous Dave's" cup- rude!

So, what did I do with it, you might ask???

Being the soft-hearted person that I am, I captured it, held it prisoner in what was once Rochello's roach motel-without food or water-and then took bets on who was going to win the next Ultimate Fighting match in the bug ring. His opponent: Goliath The Giant Beetle.

Next, I tortured the bugger by pulling off each of it's 1,000 legs one by one- ahh, ahh, ahh!!!!

I now sleep with this under my pillow and have already ordered this for our bed.


The Smith Boys said...

Please tell me that Goliath is fake!!! ACK!

Amy said...

I think bug vacuums, bed netting, and roach motels should be issued to every new incoming resident in Alabama and Texas.

Sarag said...

Yuck!!! I forgot to mention our Roach Buster video to you today. Yesterday Sean and I discovered that there was a BIG ass cock-A-roach! (as I like to call them) in our kitchen light. I'll spare you the details now but if you don't remember, our kitchen light is ones of those where you have to swing the big piece of plastic down to expose the 5 foot long lamps. HAHA! Sean had raid in one hand, taking the plastic covering off with his other hand and the clean end of the fly swatter in his mouth. LMAO!! I got it on video. I'll have to show you. Off the subject real quick...I've been trying to figure out how to post video's on youtube but they're all too big. Did you have that problem?

Misspeller said...

The names SARAH not Sarag. :-)