Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stolen Moments

I captured this picture of Austin and Ashlyn this morning and it reminded me of how much I love the stolen moments when my kids are displaying their love for eachother, without prompting. Austin was just sitting on the couch watching tv when Ashlyn crawled up next to him to cuddle and he just wrapped his arm around her!! Their capacity to love and forgive is beautiful. Although their capacity to scream at eachother and their desire to claw each other's eyes out at times is equally astonishing.

Later this same evening, Austin got in major trouble- he jumped off the chair while holding his Star Wars light sabre and decided to throw it across the room mid air! He fell to the floor in a roll while the light sabre managed to hit Toby square in the side of the head, bending his glasses and bruising his eye bone! I don't know how the thing managed to miss Ashlyn who was sitting beside Toby. Maybe the thing does have some magical powers as Austin keeps insisting. Maybe it was divine intervention because if the thing had hit her it would have been ugly. He didn't mean to throw the light sabre and hit Toby in the head but he had already been told to stop horsing around on the furniture. Austin lost his light sabre and was sent to his room. This ofcourse led to giant alligator tears and hysterics as he stormed off to his room. When I went in to talk to him about the incident a little while later he was still crying and sobbing (he gets that from me). Ashlyn couldn't get out of my arms fast enough to climb up onto the bed and give her brother a giant hug!! AWWW!


Amy said...

Ahhh ... the ups & downs of being a parent! Kenny begged and begged us to move his furniture around in his room so that his bed wasn't against a wall. We finally gave in yesterday and he loved it ... until bedtime! Then it was tears and "I think I'm going to fall out of bed" and "I'm scared". It was an interesting bedtime to say the least.