Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tomatoes and Twisters

I am sure most of you have heard about the devastating tornados that ripped through the south earlier this week. It is said to be the deadliest US tornado outbreak in two decades. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those in Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi who are recovering from the devastation, death and destruction that so violently
ripped through their area.

Unfortunately, folks in this area are all to familiar with the devastating effects of a tornado as many are still recovering from the violent tornado that hit our area last year. I will never forget the terrifying feeling of hearing the sirens going off telling us to take cover, holding my daughter in my arms and worrying about my son who was in school and my Hubba Bubba who was in the field. I remember calling my sister in a panic about Sprout. It was almost time for him to be getting off of the bus and I had no idea where he was or what the school emergency procedures were. We were brand new to the area and my Hubba Bubba was in school. I had no idea what to do and had never been through a tornado before. Eventually the threat passed our area and the "all clear" sirens sounded. Sprout was released from school and made it home safely, albeit shaken up from sitting in the hallway at school with his hands over his head listening to the pounding rain and ripping winds! We were lucky but folks in Enterprise were not so lucky. The tornado ripped apart Enterprise High School killing eight students and left a trail of destruction in it's path.

So needless to say, tornados are a part of life in our area and a real threat so we take warnings seriously. As Hubba Bubba and I were watching the weather channel earlier this week as the stroms were raging a little further to the north, Sprout walked up to us with this serious look on his face and said, "is a tomato coming?" We held back our laughter (as I pictured a giant tomato barrelling through town) and tried to aleve his fears by telling him that we didn't think a tornado was coming to our area. He said "weally?" And we replied, "really!" You see Sprout cannot say his "r's" and while he attends speech therapy twice a week to work on his articulation and phonics, I still find it cute when he says things like this.

Please do not think that I am making light of the devastation, destruction and mourning that so many are facing-I am not. I simply find delight in the innocence of children and their incredible ability to make one smile, even in the face of fear, pain, and tragedy.


MomToo said...

My thoughts exactly. You have such a beautiful way of expressing all our thoughts Hugs for all with prayers and blessings.

Tanya said...

I remember those tornados from last year...very scary to get a tornado warning.
That is so cute "is a tomato coming" ;)
By the way, I have an Ashlyn too, beautiful name!

nutmeg said...

It amazes what children can just take in their stride - even tomatoes!

Pinky said...

So very glad you were all safe. These storms originated over our home, and I was astounded to see how powerful and destructive they became.