Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fluffy or Fat- you decide

We bought an old rickety 4 wheeler for my husband Sprout and because safety is our number one concern, ah hem, we told Sprout that he couldn't ride it without his helmet. Eager to jump on, he slid the helmet on and promptly asked, "does this make my head look fat?"

I quickly replied, "No honey, it makes it look fluffy!" Kidding, kidding! What I really said is, "No, it looks like you have a helmet on your head." In sincere disbelief he walked into the bathroom to look in the mirror and quickly returned to say,"Your kidding, it does make my head look fat!"

You be the judge- Fat or Fluffy?


Amy said...

That is too funny! Now how about some pictures of him actually on (the husband's) his toy?

The Smith Boys said...

Hey girl! I miss you! I lost all my email addresses and saved email. Can you email me your phone number?

And I agree, I want pics of Austin on the toy!