Monday, October 27, 2008

State Fair

The Hubs and I finally made it to the NC State Fair on Saturday. For some reason though, it wasn't as fun as we remembered it. It seemed that there were far less interesting exhibits, unless of course you consider seeing the world's smallest woman in a cage interesting, and far more fried food!

Deep fried Mac & Cheese anyone? How about deep fried PB&J for the little ones??

I managed to stick to my diet though...
I had vegetables- deep fried of course!!! :)

There was the usual assortment of farm animals...

There were even the furry variety. The Hubs and I stood and watched the cow show for a few minutes and then marveled at how we just spent 5 minutes staring at cow asses. How romantic!

So we tried to enjoy the fair like a couple of teenagers and decided to tempt fate with a few carnival rides. We spent $20 on tickets at $1 a piece and stood in line for the roller coaster. When we reached the front of the line and saw that the ride was 5 tickets each- that would equate to $5 each if I am doing my math right- our excitement wained. We tried, we really tried to enjoy it but all we could really muster was a laugh, mostly about how ridiculous it was that we just wasted $10 on a 30 second ride. It was much more fun as a kid when we didn't realize or care what a waste it was and could enjoy the fair in all of our carefreeness.

The Hubs and I did manage to come up with a retirement plan though. As we were watching people get in an out of the roller coaster cars, we did some figuring. 4 people fit in one car which leaves every 30 seconds. Thats $40 every 30 seconds or $4800 an hour. Figure a minimum of 12 hours a day and you're talking $57,600. The average fair runs for 2 weeks which comes to a whopping grand total of $806,400 for ONE FAIR!!!! Granted, I imagine the insurance is costly and you have to figure the cost of the equipment and manpower but still...

So, we decided that we are going to travel the world as carnies, charging $5 a person for a 30 second ride and live the good life. We don't even have to shower if we don't want to, brushing our teeth is optional and we can avoid talking to people all day long and resort to grumbling!

Ok, ok, truth be told, this is the real reason I come to the NC State Fair...

Pottery, pottery and more pottery!

Despite our best attempt, we couldn't find much to enjoy about the fair (other than the pottery) but we did enjoy a little alone time holding hands, so I guess it was worth it after all!

Fair Tickets: $14

Fried Food: $12

Ride Tickets: $20

Exhibits: $5

A little alone time with the Hubs walking hand in hand: Priceless

There are some things that money can't buy...

For everything else, there's Mastercard! :)


Amy said...

It sounds like you had a great day together ... even polishing up on your math skills a bit.

I wish we could all go to the NC Fair together. I wouldn't mind some of those healthy deep fried veggies -- broccoli is the best!

Amy said...

Ooooh, and the pottery .... oh the pottery!!!!!! I miss NC!!!