Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cowgirl Princess

Sprite is a rough and tumble little girl who can hold her own with the boys but lately she has been showing more of her girly side.

Case in point...

Yesterday she decided to play dress up and emerged from her bedroom wearing a cowgirl hat, princess shoes and carrying a pink handbag.

Later in the day she decided to experiment with a little bit of makeup and covered her face and part of the bathroom with lipstick. I wish I had a picture of this but I was a little to preoccupied with the Lipstick Jungle in my bathroom to think about the Kodak moment.

I forsee a future filled with pink and battles over clothing and makeup!


MomToo said...

This is sooooo funny! I LIKE her style!. You go girl!

The Smith Boys said...

She is one hot mess! I love it!

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

LOL!!! Too cute! Bean's still a tomboy but she'll put on one of my heels and hobble (sp?) around the house in it.

I think I'm going to get he some princess heels for Christmas. :-)

Anonymous said...

TOO CUTE for words !