Monday, November 10, 2008

Reading Olympics

Sprout has been working really hard on his reading lately and is participating in the Reading Olympics at his school. He is in need of sponsors to help him make it through to the end of the Olympics-November 19th and would like to know if you* would consider being one of his sponsors. You can pledge a dollar amount per page or per book. If you would like to sponsor him for the Reading Olympics, please let us know! You can makes checks payable to me if you want and then I will write one check, including our sponsorship, to turn into his school.

* You refers to family and friends who know who Sprout is but if you are reading this and are not a family member or friend and feel inclined to sponsor a young boy for the "Reading Olympics, at his Elementary school" I certainly won't turn your money away. :) So to all the Joe Plumbers out there- how 'bout sponsoring Sprout the Reader?


Amy said...

Can I give a flat rate donation?

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

Of course! That would be great!

MomToo said...

Absotively, posilutely!!!
I'll go $.25/page. Go dude!

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

Awesome- thanks Michelle!