Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I remember the days growing up in upstate NY when I would wake up to several feet of snow outside just hoping for a snowday. There were even nights when I would do a snow dance before bed, in hopes that a wintry blizzard would blow through while I was sleeping!

Yesterday, I got to relive my childhood and experience the excitement of a snow day through my kids. Monday night it was as clear as a bell outside but just before bed we received an automated call announcing that schools were closed the following day as a winter strom was brewing. (And I didn't even have to do a snowdance!)

Tuesday morning we woke up to nearly 6 inches of snow! We only get snow like this in NC once every couple of years. While it was nothing compared to the snowstorms we used to get up North, it was enough for our first snowday of the year- Yippee!

We are headed outside for SNOWDAY #2 so stay tuned!


The Smith Boys said...

Could Austin have any more snow stuck to him?? ha! So cute! I want snow! What a rip!

MomToo said...

How FUN! I hope you don't have the cold we are having in Minnesota. Keep smiling kids, and have a great time!