Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

It appears as if I owe my Sweet Home Alabama an apology. I always thought it was you-Alabama-that was making us sick with your high humidity, dog-sized bugs and black mold... Turns out it was us-not you! Will you ever forgive me?


Amy said...

NC is not that far from AL. You need to move out here to west Texas where everything is hot & dry!! We'll leave the light on for you :)

The Smith Boys said...

ooh, not dry old Texas! Come to Maryland! We are right between two lovely rivers for your kayakking (sp?) enjoyment, we have all 4 seasons and all of them are tempered by the water all around us, we are driving distance to DC, PHILLY, NY, Annapolis, Baltimore, and even Varina-Farquay! I think we do have humidity, I guess we do still have bugs but nothing like Bama and I haven't spotted any mold yet. In fact, I would blame that on the 30 year old house more than I'd blame AL! Come to MD!!!