Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Boys, Boys, Boys

Kenny, Chase, and Sprout
Sprout had a lot of fun paling around with his older cousins while in NY. And like typical boys sometimes they played great and other times they fought like brothers. Especially Sprout and Kenny. They had a hard time sorting out their roles. Sprout is used to being the oldest and the leader and all of the sudden he was the baby. Kenny is used to being the baby and all of the sudden Sprout was the baby of the bunch. It made for some interesting dynamics as they tried to figure it out!

I was most surprised by how much my nephews have grown. We used to live close together and saw each other alot but we have all moved to other states and don't get to see each other as often. I remember when Chase was such a rolly polly baby and when Kenny was a daredevil of a toddler. Now they are DUDES! :0)

We had a really fun time all being together, even if was a little crazy at times for my poor in-laws...

-Like the time we filled the boys up with sugar from their candy kebobs and let them loose in the house.

Or the time the boys were playing hackey sak in the kitchen and somehow the hackey sak landed in a large pot of grease that Grammy had used to make fried dough, splashing grease all over the stove and wall! GOOD TIMES!!


Amy said...

Good times, good times! How much of this post can I steal?!?

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

You can cut and paste if you'd like! What's mine is yours!! :)

happyathome said...

Oh candy cabobs, how cool. Looks like lots of fun!