Thursday, October 4, 2007

Calgon, Take Me Away!

Yesterday was just one of those days- well last night was anyway. YesterDAY was great! Ashlyn and I went to a playgroup and had a really good time. I have to be honest, I was a little nervous as Ashlyn has a strong personality and isn't afraid to show it in public. She also has the most bizarre cry you have ever heard!!! And when she cries, or screeches, people in Timbuktu hear her! It is a high-pitched guttural roar, which have left friends saying she sounds like a Tiger! I always sit and wait for the vomit to fly out of her mouth and her head to start spinning- yes, it is that bad! I have never heard such a cry in my life and it can be very disturbing at times. If you don’t know her personality, you would think something is wrong with her, which is why the Ferber method of getting her to sleep through the night was out of the question, especially since we live in a duplex! We recently had a friend visiting from Minnesota and it was her first time meeting Ashlyn. Around the second night she was here, Ashlyn didn’t want to go to sleep and started roaring when I put her to bed. My friend, who was a nurse by the way, jumped off the couch get her out of her crib, certain that there was something seriously wrong with her. My husband and I laughed and told her she was fine but I know she didn’t believe us- until she had been here a few more days and saw Ashlyn’s personality, in all it’s glory, first hand. Sorry, I got a little sidetracked there. So, anyway, the playgroup went really well and Ashlyn managed to refrain from roaring until it was time to leave. After her very short nap we went to the park and we had a blast. She was so excited, she was squealing with delight. But when it was time to come home to get ready for dinner, the roaring began and I think the entire neighborhood came out to see what the commotion was about. Leaving the park put her in quite a mood, which made the rest of the evening a little difficult. Here is where the fun really begins.

Birch, my bunny, had a sick tummy and pooped all over his cage and himself- it was NASTY! But in his defense, it was my fault because I ran out of rabbit food and when I went to the pet store they were out of the kind that we normally get so I had to get a different brand. Well, rabbits have very sensitive digestive systems and don’t deal well with sudden changes in their diet-NO KIDDING! Have you ever tried to bathe a bunny? I don’t suggest it!!!! I knew Birch was not keen on being dunked in water so I wrapped him in a towel, turned him upside down, which is supposed to relax them, and began to give him a sponge bath. EEEWWW!!! While I am doing this Ashlyn manages to find an open juice box and proceeds to spray it across the kitchen like a fire extinguisher, squealing in delight all the while. I take the juice box away from her (with an upside down rabbit in the other arm mind you). This of course leads to more roaring from my sweet little girl and a very non-relaxed rabbit squirming in my arms. At this point the phone rings twice and the door bell rings!!! So, I put Birch back in his somewhat clean cage, put Ashlyn in the living room and begin clearing the bar stools and whatnot out of the kitchen so I can mop up the juice before it becomes permanently stuck to my kitchen floor. I manage to finish mopping with only minor roaring from the tiger but then Ashlyn manages to climb through my barricade and makes her way to the kitchen floor. One step into the kitchen and she looks like Bambi on ice, which leads to major roaring!! I pick her up and try to climb back over the barricade with her in my arms but manage to catch my water-ski sized foot on one of the barstools, bending my big toe completely backwards, and trip. I attempt to catch my fall by running into the wall but ultimately catch the lamp instead and land on the floor. I am a majot klutz!!!! I somehow managed to hold on to Ashlyn the entire time-thank goodness. After a few choice words I pick up my swollen toe (and pride) and decide I better just sit in the recliner until bedtime!! I wish I could say this was the end of it but bedtime was a nightmare! Calgon take me away!


mom said...

That is sooo motherly!!!! How about a guinea pig dressed in vinegar and Toby hiding in the kitchen cabinets with butter on his face and Amy yelling at me that TOBY DID IT!!!!!!!! Toby says they needed a bath and I'm thinking " I'm having one more in 3 months, what am I, CRAZY!! You'll love all of these memories at age 55. Love Ya Forever and Ever