Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Spooky Spiders

We found this in the back yard today:

We think it is a Banana Spider, a very large common spider in North America that usually hangs in webs with its head facing the ground. A brightly colored spider whose venom is a neurotoxin similar to that of the black widow. However, its venom is not near as potent. Its bite causes local pain and redness with blisters forming.

Any spider experts out there in the blogosphere?

Should we be afraid of this kind of spider?

What about this one?

Aspen says, "be afraid, be very afraid!"


mom said...

Poor, poor Aspen Joel. He's scared stiff! Bailey would eat that spider up.

Amy said...

I think Aspen looks like he is just tolerating it. He's thinking, "Do I have to sit here very long? Just take the picture already!"

Karen Beth said...

This is so funny... especially the picture of the spider on the dog. He doesn't look all that worried, strangely enough. :)

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

You probably already know this by now (late reader) but that is a Banana Spider. Sean has had a few run in's with them but like any good soldier he has forgotten what they told him about them. I guess he's focusing on the thing he does thosands of feet off the ground rather then the creepy crawlers in LA (lower Alabama). We need to put a little pep in Aspen's step, he's looking a little too comfortable. I think a play date with Max will do the trick. Later Tater!