Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Sprite decided that we needed to tackle the pantry this week.


While tackling the pantry, she sampled a little bit of everything and what she didn't like ended up here:


As you can see, my pantry holds a little bit of everything, food, tools, paperwork, dogfood, Hubby's books... It is more like a little storage room but I did manage to tidy it up a bit and throw an apron over the door for that extra touch! Oh- and that baby gate that you saw in the before photos- yeah, that is now in the doorway since Sprite knows how to open the door!


Beckaboo said...

You just have to love our little helpers!!


Blessings, Beckie :o)

Karen Beth said...

The after photo looks awesome! Good work!

FeeFiFoto said...

Such a helper! She looks so serious about it.

Sunshine said...

Love your pictures...and your pantry! great job, enjoy your hard work and your daughters :)

Donetta said...

Oh that little sweetie. Keep the gate she looks like she can sure set you too task. They are so curious at that age. She is so pretty. Nice tackle

Ashlyn's Grammy said...

Sooo much just like her Daddy. We found him in a kitchen cabinet eating out of a Wheat Chex box one time. He had been missing for quite a few minutes!!!

Dayna said...

Nice pantry...it's bigger than my bedroom - and you've seen my place, so you know I'm not kidding! Ah, the spacious suburbs... ;-) She is so adorable; so inquisitive, I love it.