Thursday, October 18, 2007

Habla Espanol

Sprout and I were riding in the truck yesterday and at some point in the conversation I said jokingly, "Listen here, Senor!" He said, "Mooommm, I am not a Senor, I am a nino. Daddy is a Senor, you are a Senora and Sprite is a nina!"

Well Exccuuusssee Me! :) I'm glad to see he is paying attention in at least one class!

Later that night when the kids were in the bathtub I was telling the Hubba Bubba about our conversation (we all seem to congregate in the bathroom at bathtime because all too often something happens that you don't want to miss). He mentioned to Austin that he could teach him a new Spanish word every day and that he could share that word with his teacher. To this Sprout replied, "No, she never lets us talk, all we can say is Aqui," with his arm raised high in the sky!


Tiff said...

LOL! That's a cute story

nutmeg said...

And he's learning anyway! That's one smart kid - and one lousy teacher.

austin's grammy said...

That's what you get for living in the south. More versatility than Upstate NY. Yee Ha, those grits and beans are paying off!!!!!!