Tuesday, March 25, 2008

True Jeans

I love a good fitting pair of jeans. The problem is things have shifted a bit since having 2 kids and I just can't seem to find that "perfect" pair these days. You know the ones that sit somewhere between my butt crack and my belly button, are long enough for my 5'9" frame and give my rear a little lift! Well lucky for me and the rest of you ladies who are searching for that perfect pair of jeans, 5 Minutes for Mom is offering yet another $200.00 gift certificate to TrueJeans.com where you enter your measurments online and the computer suggests jeans best suited to your measurements! Sounds good to me. Especially if they can help me look like the model to the left!



Hey girl - Long time no see! This is completely random but someone told me about a great pair of jeans and I finally buckled and bought a pair. They are awesome! And they fit all types of sizes/body styles. They are the LONG AND LEAN from Gap. Go get you some - or at least try them on and see what you think. I got a pair, my mom did and a few friends have them as well. We all have different body styles and I think we all look good in them. It's like the jeans from that movie/book The Traveling something or others (I forget the name..something like Ya ya Sisterhood but not really...). OK, now I'm just rambling. Toodles! BWW