Thursday, May 8, 2008

Moments of Weakness

We all have our moments of weakness. Or days in my case; ok fine so this seems to be my week of weakness but I can't help it! Aunt Flo is coming for a visit tomorrow and I never look forward to her stay. I get incredibly irritable, impatient and moody the week before her visit and it just escalates each day until her dreaded arrival. Honestly, I don't know who dreads it more- me or the hubs.

Last night my patience was starting to wear pretty thin but I was trying to fight it. Hubs had a pretty busy and stressful day of studying/flight planning so I was trying to hold it together. It pretty much went out the window the moment I dropped a jar of spaghetti sauce on the floor though. (Earlier, Sprite dropped a jar of peanuts in the pantry.) Looking at the splattered red mess sprinkled with shattered glass did not do much for my wavering patience. Neither did the kids trying to come into the kitchen or the dog trying to lick up the sauce laced with glass. I cleaned up the mess and tried taking the kids for a walk in an attempt to relax but it didn't work. I could feel the tension building. So we came in and I started getting the kids ready for bed. The kids and I were sitting/laying on the couch. Sprite was climbing all over me and Sprout was throwing his feet into my lap for his nightly tickle pet. The hubs who was quietly sitting in the recliner trying to relax must have seen the grumpiness just oozing out of me and simply said, "Would you like to switch places, Honey?"

This was incredibly sweet to me as he did not make me feel bad or guilty for being grumpy and impatient. He simply let me be and took over, despite being exhausted himself. He sat with the kids until bedtime and brought them both to bed. Now this is true love! A man who can see me at my worst and quietly step in without any hesitation.

I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a little guilty afterwords but the grumpies just wouldn't go away. I even tried giving into my salt/chocolate cravings, thinking it might help. This week the cravings have been incredibly strong. Maybe because I have been trying to eat healthier lately but it has definately been a losing battle this week. It doesn't help that I have little willpower when it comes to food as it is but when the cravings for salt and chocolate hit it is almost impossible to fight them. So, I devoured an entire bag of chocolate covered pretzels as I watched mindless TV and then felt guilty for that!!!!

Now I am surely not going to want to wear my new bikini this weekend at the beach between my poor eating habits this week and the unwelcomed visit from Aunt Flo!

And my poor, poor Hubs who has to endure the wrath!


Kathy said...

Gee! I hope you don't dread visits from all "aunts" that way! :-) High Five to the hubs for stepping in when you needed him the most, that's what it's all about!