Thursday, May 1, 2008

Table Talk

I thought I would share this conversation between Sprout and the Hubs last night. We were at the dinner table discussing green beans.

Sprout: They squeak when you eat them (referring to the green beans). Listen real close and you will hear them squeak.

(Takes a bite of green beans) Did you hear them squeak?

Hubs: No

Sprout: Well, they squeaked!

He was being totally serious but it is so hard to take the kid seriously when he looks like this:

He is such a little comedian and always makes me laugh!!!

Nice stash dude!


Kathy said...

I think he's right! Green beans do squeak when you eat them! You tell him that Aunt Kathy has heard them befor too! :-)

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

I thyinbk he'll be happy to hear this! :)

Amy said...

All I can think is thank goodness glasses have improved over the years. His are so cute ... way cuter than his daddy's ET glasses from 1980-something!!

mom said...

Yes, they do squeak!!! So do pea pods!!