Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Survived Black Friday

Prior to yesterday, I was a Black Friday Virgin! I know, I know- Black Friday is a disgusting nod to unabashed consumerism, a revolting frenzy that displays the shallowness of our culture. BUT-I was lured by a nice shiny Office Depot ad advertising a new computer for $350 and a free printer (a $300 savings!)!!! So I decided to shove my morals in my pocket and display my shallowness by venturing out like a mad woman with the gusto of a seasoned professional in the wee hours of darkness. Call me what you will but we NEEDED a new computer!

When my alarm went off at 3 a.m., I remembered the real reason I was still a Black Friday virgin. True, I liked to hide behind the moralistic views displayed above about the revolting frenzy of our commercialistic society...yada, yada, yada-but the truth of the matter is, I am not a morning person! And can 3 a.m. really be considered morning? What the hell was I thinking, especially after having drank entirely too much red wine the night prior? Somehow, I mustered the courage and strength to stand on two feet, down a large cup of Joe and 2 Tylenol, put on my running shoes and head out into the unknown! I thought about grabbing my husband's kevlar, especially after hearing about some of the horror stories from years past (like this one) but since I was going no where near this place...

I decided it would just weigh me down in the sprint for my black beauty securely packed in a Compaq box. So, I was perched outside Office Depot at the ass-crack of dawn resisiting the urge to fight off the mobs of people after MY computer! Turns out nobody wanted MY computer afterall. Go figure! Everyone wanted the top of the line computers that cook, do the laundry and take care of the kids or the televisions the size of my house so I had nothing to worry about. In fact, I think I could have slept another 8 hours or even showed up just before closing and still gotten my lackluster computer that merely provides recipes, laundry tips and only provides occasional babysitting!!! Oh well, at least now I am a Black Friday veteran who not only experienced the madness, but who survived and conquered!

And who says Black Friday can't be fun for the kids? The kiddos played with the box and styrofoam for hours while Toby and I felt completely satisfied with our first Black Friday purchase- even if it doesn't put the kids to bed for us!


Irene said...

Too funny, my husband also ventured out for black Friday for the first time this year.

We needed a new tv, ours happened to die 2 days ago. Walmart had a cheap one, so he was up at 4 a.m to snag a "great" deal. He got the tv (but as it turned out, he most likely could have slept in another 6 hours and still got that tv as my in laws saw them there at noon). And, after he got home, we decided to research it AFTER we bought it - real smart huh? We found out the tv is a piece of C%$p and we are returning it. So, his adventure turned out to be a complete waste of time. Oh well, at least he had the opportunity to experience the madness...not sure it will ever happen again.

Anonymous said...

This elf is a virgin as well. Not related to, but still important--shipment is underway by Federal Express(Santa would not let me leave the "POLE"), as he had too much going on right now. You should be receiving a 38 lb. package on Nov. 27.

Amy said...

I've never been out on black friday either. I am not sure I am brave enough!

Natalie said...

I actually enjoy Black Friday...I know, I must be sick! I didn't get to go out this year though. We've moved to the boonies and there are no stores even close to here.

Anonymous said...

You are brave, indeed. I love my sleep wwaaayyy too much to get out at that hour, and I"m as cheap as they come.
Too funny, I like the pics!