Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm Looking for a Face Lift

Or rather my blog is. If I was looking for a face lift, I would just head to the FACE Clinic in Dothan (I saw an advertisement for this place and had to check it out). I find this a bit scary, truth be told! I mean do people really admit that they went to a face clinic? Here is an advertisemet from their website (grab your husbands for this one)...

"Face facts, your wife does not want a vacuum for Christmas. An oven mitt is nice, but why not give her something she really wants. The FACE Card can be used for all goods and services at The FACE Clinic. A facial, laser hair removal, Botox, skin products, even cosmetic procedures can be purchased with The FACE Card. This reusable card can have any amount initially and be used and increased at any time."

What is this-a gift that keeps on giving? Men, if you are still reading, let me give you a bit of advice. Do not, I repeat DO NOT buy your wife a gift certificate to the FACE clinic for Christmas if you want to be around to ring in the new year! I can't speak for all woman but I bet a good number of women would prefer a new vacuum or even an oven mit to a FACE card! If my husband gave me a gift certificate to the FACE clinic for Christmas you can bet your bottom dollar that he would be ringing in the new year as a single man with a little less thunder down under! While there are days I wish I could trade the one I have in for something a bit more glamorous, I'll keep the face God gave me-for now anyway. Check back in 20 years and I may have a gold-plated, frequent visitor card to the FACE clinic!

Anyway, while I am not quite ready for a visit to the FACE clinic, I do feel it's time for a bloggy lift. The problem is that I have yet to find the BLOG clinic (hey, maybe I'm on to something here). So, this is where you come in! I am turning to my faithful readers, assuming I have a few, in hopes of some recommendations. I am not looking for anything outlandish here that costs more than I make in a year- oh wait, that would be nothing!!! Seriously, maybe just a new header, colorscheme and signature. So, who designed your blog? Who do you recommend?


Amy said...

I was just looking around the blogosphere yesterday b/c I want a bloggy face lift too. Sadly I found offensive material that I had to report instead, but that's beside the point. Let me know what you find. Maybe we can get bloggy face lifts together :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I just use the free templates from Blogger. Boring, I know. I didn't know you could use others. I'm totally new to the game.
Good luck!

Amy said...

Jen told me to check out

joan said...

I came over from Irene's blog. I just do my own blog and switch around photos and things. I know Blue Bird blogs does a nice job bt am unsure of costs. You can change your blog's color background if you want and just add photo's. I always want to change things so I decided not to buy one.