Thursday, April 3, 2008

Grumpy Toes and Chiles

Yesterday we went to the park for a little afternoon fun in the sun with the munchkins. We brought Sprout's bike and kite and a ball for Sprite. Sprout wanted nothing to do with his bike and finally decided to fly his kite with Daddy once Daddy got it high in the sky. Sprite and I kicked the ball around for a while and stopped to pick flowers whenever we saw a patch. Sounds lovely, right? It was, except for the constant whining that ensued. "It's hot, I need a drink, there's a lot of bugs, I want to go home... and a few shrieks from Sprite when ever her brother came near her ball." The hubs and I laughed and said "well, we tried, maybe we should throw in the towel and just take these grumpy toes home!" This comment led to a very interesting conversation.

"Grumpy Toes- what the heck are you talking about?!"

The Hubs shook his head and laughed at this. "Grumpitos, get it?"

I looked at him with a confused look on my face and said "I have no idea what you are talking about."

With a look of complete disbelief, he said "Nevermind."

"No, explain it to me because I am so confused and have no idea what you are talking about."

He went into some explanation about how "ito" is used to mean "little" in Spanish, therefore Grumpitos roughly translates into Little Grumps.

"Oh, I said, now I get it but if you say Grumpitos and you have no reference it sounds like Grumpy Toes!"

We had a good laugh about this and refered to the munchkins as Grumpy Toes for the rest of the night.

This reminded me of some of the other terms/nicknames/expressions that we have made up and use in the family. We have quite a few nicknames for the kids, especially when they are being grumpy.

Grumpy Guts -this is what we called Sprout when he was a baby and was being grumpy.

Grumbelina or Crabby Miss Crabby Patty -these are Sprite's nicknames when she is being grumpy or crabby.

We also often combine Spanish and English words to create our own goofy names as demonstarted above. This stems from my husband's use of the language and frequent deployments to South America. Here are a few of the others:

Chiles/Chilitos (see, there's that -itos again)- we use this to refer to the kids sometimes. Chiles or Little Chiles. It combines children and chiles because our children are spicy/sassy like Chiles. ex. "How were the chiles today?"

Mujer- my husband sometimes refers to me as "woman" (this is done in a joking manner and I do not take offense to it) but if the kids are around he calls me "mujer" which is Spanish for Woman, so Sprout doesn't start calling me "woman."

Jose Willis- this is one of Sprout's nicknames. I think it is a way of making "Whatch you talkin bout Willis?" sound Spanish. I frequently use this infamous phrase from Different Strokes in the perfect Gary Coleman voice when Sprout says something crazy and this was my husband's way of making fun of me and creating a nickname for Sprout at the same time.

Chimichanga Chewibacca- this is a nickname for our dog. He is an extremly hairy mongral and we think he looks like Chewbacca from Star Wars. He has also gained weight over the years so now we think he looks like a hairy burrito. I know this is completely crazy and I can't even believe I am sharing this but these are the things my husband and laugh about in bed at night.

Ok- enough with Spanglish creations here. Please do not take offense to these. We are not making fun of the Spanish language, we simply incorporated this beutiful language into our daily lives when it was a big part of my husband's life and some of the nicknames just stuck.

We do have a few other interesting expressions that have no reference to the Spanish language.

Boy- This is how we often refer to Sprout. ex. "Where's boy?"

Baby- This is also how we refer to Sprite. ex. "What's baby doing?"

I don't even know how these started but it has become a habit. We do it so frequently that when other people hear it they look at us funny. I think they think our children don't have names. You'll be glad to know that we do not use these when talking to directly to the children/chiles/chilitos as in " Boy, come here!" Just when the hubs and I are talking.

Munchkins- You've probably heard me use this one before. I often refer to the chiles as munchkins. This started when we moved to Kansas and visited the Wizard of Oz museum. I started using a lot of Wizard of Oz references when we lived in and moved away from Kansas. This is a term of endearment as I think the Munchkins are magical little creatures! And when we moved to AL, I used to say, "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore."

This last one is not a nickname but something that Sprout came up with that I just love.

Tickle Pet- Sprout loves to have his feet rubbed when he is relaxing before bed. He gets a foot rubbing every night but it is not just any foot rubbing. He is very particular about his foot rubbings and has termed this nightly ritual "Tickle Pet" because it is part tickling and part petting, if you will. He likes me to use my fingernails in a tickly way while petting/rubbing the tops of his feet. ex. "mommy will you tickle pet my feet?" And Mommy is the tickle petting champion by the way. Daddy just can't do it right. Probably because he doen't have fingernails.

Anyway I just think this is so darn cute I can't resist giving the chile/chilito/munckin/jose willis/boy a nice tickle pet before bed! Now whenever Sprout is being a Grumpy Toe I know I can just start tickle petting his toes and all his grumps will disappear!

What are some of your family nicknames or expressions? Please tell me we are not the only ones with crazy nicknames!


Kathy said...

I used to call Abby: Crabby Abby when she cried to much and Gabby Abby after she learned how to talk!
Now about your Hubs as you call him being his most favorite babysitter back in the day I don't remember any nicknames but when he was 2 or 3 he use to start off any random thing he thought needed to be said with "WELP".. Welp I think you should play with me or Welp I don't want to take a nap! :0)

Emily said...

when i was little i used to tell my mom to "pretty my hair." I would lay my head on her lap and she would run her fingers through my hair....over and over and over, and when she got tired of "prettying" i hollered at her to keep doing it. It was relaxing to me though....

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Tickle Pet, that is so cute!

Hopefully you won't get any, do I say this in a tasteful manner? Hopefully you will have a lot of kind comments b/c you explained the Spanglish thing (do not take offense). You know what I mean, right?

Here's "D's" idea of tickling.

Him: Mommy?
Me: Yes.
Him: I know you're ticklish on your tummy.
Me: Really? How do you know that?
Him: Because when I do move away from me.

That POW is him claiming to be tickling me but in actuality he just punched me in the stomach and I am trying to run away from him and the pain.

He comes at me with 3 fingers out and slams his hand in my stomach, somewhat painful but he finds it funny.

I'll laugh later.

Katie said...

We all have nicknames in the H of P. I am Nerd (easy to explain) Brandon is Crazy (not sure why I started calling him that- happenind a LONG time ago). Ellie's nickname has evolved a little over the last 3 years. When I was pregnant, and Brandon finally felt her move, he said it felt like a fish nibbling on the line so she became Nibbler or Niblets. For some reason this morphed into Gibbler and now sometimes Giblets and Gravy. Very silly, I know. I found her a shirt on last fall that says Sweet Niblets so I HAD to buy it. Hope this makes you feel better about all your nicknames.