Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gulf World

We ended our trip to Panama City Beach with a trip to Gulf World. I LOVE Gulf World!! It is a small and more intimate marine rehabilitation center where they provide education and hands-on experiences for the kids. The kids ran around squealing in delight! Our time at Gulf World made up for our failed trip to the Georgia Aquarium ten-fold!

We wandered through the aviary and marveled at the exotic birds.
A few of them even talked to us!

Then we touched the stingrays. There was one little guy who was really friendly and kept swimming back and forth to get his fins rubbed!

(That's him)

We sat and watched two rescued dolphins play and frolic and watched a sea lion stand on his head before watching the shark and sea turtle feeding show.

During the show we learned about one turtle (Harvey) who was attacked by a shark nearly thirty years ago and washed ashore barely alive. He was not able to return to the sea due to his injuries but he has lived happily in his new home at Gulf World for the past thirty years!

(I just love this guy!)

And just before we left we watched the sea lion show where Sprout got to shake hands/fins with a giant sea lion named Duke!

We had an amazing time and Sprite was so tired by the end that she was falling asleep as I was putting her in her carseat. She was fast asleep before we even hit the main drag and slept the entire way home! Sprout was just so excited about his weekend that he was happily chattering away about everything that we did and saw and wanted to know when we could come back!

Soon- very, very soon!