Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
My Closet

I am a bit of a clothes hoarder- I admit it! They say that you should throw/give something away if you have not worn it for a year but I have a major problem with this. Part of the problem is that I have a fairly extensive work wardrobe, suits, dress pants, blouses, shoes, etc. that I haven't worn in 2 years but I am not about to throw/give them away since I am planning on going back to work in the fall after we move to our next duty station. Professional clothes are not cheap and I certainly can't afford to buy a whole new work wardrobe before entering the workforce again. I thought that this was the reason that my closet seemed to be overflowing a bit. So I decided to do a little spring cleaning and made myself go through my entire wardrobe.

Part of the incentive is that I wanted to do a little spring shopping to reward my recent weight loss of 10 pounds and 2 inches (more on this later). Before I let myself spend money on a few new spring items, I decided that I had to get rid of a few things. The funny part was that when I actually started trying things on I found quite a few things that didn't fit right, that I didn't like or that I've had since high school! I am 31 years old- you do the math!!! Please do not think that I am the same size as I was in high school- I am NOT but I used to wear very large, baggy clothes in high school and for some crazy emotional attachment kind of reason I was hanging on to a few last items.

So here is the pile that I managed to clear from my closet:

Not bad huh?

And the good news is that I only replaced this pile with 5 new items!


Amy said...

I would congratulate you, but I have seen your closet ... I know that this little pile will hardly make a dent!!! LOL!!!

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

LOL! You're too funny. My favorite thing about cleaning out my closet is 1. more hangers for new things and 2. More space so that all my clothes that are still hanging can actually stay crisp rather then getting all wrinkled.

Mama Russell said...

Good job! Tackling my wardrobe has always been tough for me.

Tanya said...

Yay!! I need to go through my clothes too. My dresser drawers are overflowing with stuff I never wear anymore.
Congrats on the weight loss!

SmartyPantsMama - Caroline said...

Good luck!

Kelley said...

Great site...I enjoyed that you have a 'staving little kid'...oh the things they will come up with!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Great tackle!


momtoo said...

Good job, but your not finished yet are you????? I've seen your closet, remember? Congrats on the weight loss. It's easier at your age than at mine, believe me.

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

Ok Amy and MomToo- does it help if I tell you that this is the second pile I have gotten rid of in the last month? And the first was a bigger pile!!! Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?