Thursday, August 9, 2007


Ashlyn's hair is growing so fast lately. I am experiementing with ways to keep it out of her eyes.

Clips only work if I wet her hair and put a little gel or spray in it as her hair is so soft.

It is long enough to put in a ponytail, or pony, as Austin calls it, but I have to put the ponytail just about on top of her forehead.

Maybe I should just put a little bone in it and call her "Pebbles." Better yet, I think we need a little hairapy!!



Hey there guys! Mommy told me today that your family has a blog so I just had to make her show me....Ashlyn - I love your pony tail! I told Mommy this morning after got home that I wanted a pony tail just like yours so we tried this afternoon but it's not as cute as your's and Pebbles' - ha! I'm so glad that we are friends and get to hang out while our Mommies dance in the mornings! ;-) Watching them try to keep the beat is definitely a "hair raising" activity! See you next week....Love, Abby (and her Mommy - Barbara Wade)

Amy said...

She looks absolutely adorable! Mom always used to put my pony tail right on top of my head too :)

MOM said...

She is sooooo cute , I want to see her. Miss Ya!!!!!!!!!!!