Tuesday, August 21, 2007


There are a lot of things that you probably don't know about me. Although, one look at my blog will tell you that I am a bit quirky, goofy, dorky (insert appropriate adjective here). I like to believe that it is part of my charm but my husband may think otherwise. ;) I suppose I could post "100 things you don't know about me" and may, at some point, but today I will share just one.

I love quotes! I love flipping through books of quotes. I love reading church bulletin boards as I drive past. I love reading the Quotable Quotes column of Reader's Digest (yes, I subscribe to Reader's Digest! [That was a bonus- you learned 2 new things about me today]) {Ok- 3 things, I have no idea how to appropriately use ([{ )]} in sentences, I don't even know what they are all called!!!!}. Where was I? I get sidetracked easily- that's 4 things. Actually, after going back and reading my post to figure out where I was going with all of this I think we are up to 7 (if you count all of the different ways I love to read quotes.) *I don't even know if another form of bracket thingy-ma-gig exists so I am going to stop now!*

Anyway, I decided to add a featured quote element to the left side of my blog underneath the pictures. While I show my dorky side more often than not, I also have a deep, reflective side and can be quite introspective (that's 8). I find inspiration in many things and in many forms and quotes is one of those ways (9) so I thought I'd share a little bit of inspiration. Feel free to share your favorite quotes!

Ok, I better wrap this up before it becomes even more ridiculous! Check out my featured quote!


Amy said...

9. You are caring and thoughtful
10. You can be silly and goofy
11. You are loving and sincere
12. You are a super mom!
13. You give great advice
14. You are a great listener

Should I go on?

Katie said...

I love the featured quote! I noticed it earlier today. I also love quotes and need to find a good quote book. I also love the recipe for Motherhood. I have a Recipe for a Military Spouse that is similar. We missed ya'll at Jazzercise yesterday and today. Hope to see you back Thursday!

Lisa said...

Aww shucks, thanks Amy!! :)

mom said...

" And that's all I have to say about that." Forrest Gump