Saturday, August 4, 2007

New Ink

I finally got some new ink. This is lucky number 7! It is a representation of a Celtic Tree of Life and is very symbolic to me.

It represents many things to me on different levels: my own growth and strength, my tree of life, and also my family tree. There are two trees growing together in the center which represent me and Toby as we continue to grow- both individually and together. There are also two flowers growing from the roots, one pink and one blue, which represent Austin and Ashlyn. I got it over a large scar on my leg which is symbolic in itself since trees can heal themselves and continue to grow and thrive.

My next one is going to be the musical notes to Amazing Grace, for Ashlyn Grace. I already have one for Austin Rain, a symbol of Rain on my shoulder.


Amy said...

I don't know if I ever responded to your email about your new tattoo. I love it, love it, love it!

I can't see the poll about Ashlyn over on the left. Is it just my computer? Can you see it? My screen says it is not available.

Lisa said...

The poll is not working right now but I can't delete it!! When it is working, I am going to post pictures of Toby and I as babies and pictures of Ashlyn. I already know the answer since Ashlyn is Toby's little "Mini Me" but I have one picture where she really looks like me so I thought it would be fun.

mom said...

Nice Ink!!!

Deborah said...

Nice! I also got this tattoo, but on my lower back a couple years ago. All black though. It was my first tattoo and is very symbolic to me, as well.