Monday, August 20, 2007

Recipe for Motherhood

I was browsing through Austin's baby scrapbook (because I am gushing with pride to have finally completed his first book- now that he is 5!!!!) and came across my baby shower page. This page includes a "Recipe for Motherhood" recipe card which was given as a favor along with duck cookie cutters. I can't tell where it came from so I can't give credit where credit is due, but whoever came up with the recipe- thanks for the inspiration.

Now that I am a little more seasoned in the motherhood department, here is my twist on the "Recipe for Motherhood."

1 heart full of love
1 heaping sense of humor
2 eyes in the back of your head
3 gallons of generosity
6 1/2 heaping cups of patience (I like mine with cream and sugar)
1 barrel of laughter

Sprinkle with kindness, add a pinch of humility and mix well.

For best results, serve with Margarita! :)



That is too cute Ms. Lisa....we missed you this morning at Ms. Melissa's dance class. ;-) Did we hear that the boys are sick? We hope everyone's feeling better...I'm off to try a new "big girl" bathtub for the 1st time. Mommy has to be in court tomorrow morning but maybe we'll see you in dance class on Thursday morning....TTYL, Abby

Amy said...

I'll vote for adding the bucket of Margaritas to the original recipe!