Friday, August 3, 2007

Video Game Vengeance

I was playing video games last night, Lego Star Wars to be exact, and got smoked by my five year old. I know that boys are typically better at playing video games than girls (something about the way their brains are wired- I don't know) but come on- it was ridiculous. He was getting so frustrated with me and had to keep showing me how to do things. Toby just sat back and enjoyed, watching like it was some kind of spectator sport. I guess this should come as no surprise considering these two started playing video games together before Austin could walk. Ok, so Austin was walking, but barely!!!


Amy said...

My boys kick my butt on that game! I used to be better at Ms. Pac Man, but they've passed me in that game too. I think I might still have them at Tetris, but if I gave them 15 minutes to practice they could probably beat me at that too. I love the pictures of Toby & Austin. Austin hasn't changed a bit -- his face looks the same, and he weighs the same -- he's just stretched out about 2 feet taller :)