Thursday, August 9, 2007

He sleeps!!!

For those of you who have wondered if he ever stops, he does,

but only when he is sleeping.
He goes from mach 10 to sleeping in a matter of seconds, literally.

I guess this is what a "long day of learning" does to even the energizer bunny.

More Austin-isms...

Yesterday he was telling me about these brothers Matthew and Cole in his class. I asked him if they were twins and he said, "no, if they were twins they would be Matthew & Matthew or Cole & Cole." :) Anyway, he was telling me that Cole got in trouble and had to go see the "judge" of the school. I asked him who the judge was and he said, "the person in charge of the school," aka, the principal. How funny is that?! He doesn't know yet that the principal is the judge and the jury but he got pretty close yesterday! He got in trouble for talking too loud after being told to quiet down and had to move his name over to the yellow (warning). Uh-oh spaghetti-o's!!

No worries, we took extra precaution to ensure that he doesn't have to see the "judge" tomorrow!


Amy said...

Too funny! Please tell Austin that Aunt Amy uses tape on Chase's mouth instead of a chip clip.

mom said...

That's so funny. This is very entertaining. I think Austin wiil give his teachers a run for their money!!!