Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Sometimes I feel like we have a hungry, hungry hippo on our hands.

Ashlyn must be growing because she is an eating machine lately.

See for yourself...
Watermelon and Oranges,

Triple Decker PBJ's and Pizza,

Three course meals and Crayons,
(What? A little paraffin wax is good for the digestive system!)

She has become quite adventurous lately, even trying such fare as fried rice.

Just don't mess with this girl and her food or you might see this...

"Ohhhh, no you didn't just take my bowl!!"


Mom & Dad said...

Love all of these pictures since we are so for away. Feel like it helps us keep up with all of that growing in your family.

Amy said...

Too cute!