Friday, August 17, 2007

My 'other' boys

Just wanted to show a little love to the 'other' boys in my life who give me so much love every day!



Amy said...

Don't let the boys see Birch ... they have already started to beg for another little pet. (Tubers has only been gone about 2 months) He is very cute. Is he hard to take care of?

Lisa said...

I don't think he is hard to take care of but he is more work than a hamster. They are very social creatures and need a lot of interaction. He needs his cage/litterbox cleaned every 2-3 days, requires daily exercise and some grooming(nails and brushing) but I am so in love with him!!! He is really cool and hangs out with me almost every night after the kids go to bed.

Tell the boys Aunt Lisa said Roaches make great pets- as long as you water them!! :)

Amy said...

No thanks on the roaches. Now they want a mouse. I am going to try to avoid it for a while -- like 10 years. HA HA HA