Sunday, August 19, 2007

IERW- Initial Entry Rotary Wing

I was helping Toby study for a test tonight (what can I say, it's the only quality time we get together these days) and now know why he always looks like this...

Here is a sample question from our studies tonight:

You are holding a BITZY INT as depicted on the Dothan VOR RWY 14 approach plate. You determine that the inbound drift correction is 7 degrees left. Using the procedure in the AIM/IFH, what heading would you fly on the next outbound leg?

Ok- try this one on for size:

Describe how to perform a standard 45 degree Procedure Turn under no-wind conditions if you were outbound from JUDD on the COPTER NDB RWY 29 approach at Andalusia-Opp. How would you perform an 80/260 procedure turn for that same approach?



Amy said...

What?!? Are you speaking english?!?

Mom said...

You need some major brain power for this stuff. Your field is your master. Does anyone know what length a F7 is on an A5 clipper?????????? I do.